Who we are and what we do.

Launched by a French/Khmer family, Camborea is a young NGO located in Cambodia which aim is to help the most deprived people within their communities.
Camborea was created in 2015 by Christophe, his wife Sina as well as with the help of their friends and everyone who believed in them.
Even though Camborea is based in Siem Reap, we are most active up North, in the Angkor Thom district.

Disappointed by years of wrongly managed voluntary work with so many wasted money, Christophe and his wife decided to help the deprived people their own way, step by step, by taking well-thought action to fulfill their primary needs in a sustainable way.
In 2016, Camborea is officially registered as a Cambodia NGO with the support of the local authorities with whom they work hand in hand.

Water, nature and humans are the most important thing to them…

Our actions

Our main activities range from bringing drinkable water – by drilling wells or installing filters – to teach people how to grow food in a sustainable way up to health care and screening in our own little health center. Plenty more to come.

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Some pictures…

Often, words are not as strong as pictures. Here, you’ll find some of the pictures we take of our actions/creations as well as our work-in-progress. You’ll also find pictures of the people who helped us as well as witness the priceless smiles of the people we help.

Slide show of our pictures

Help us

We cannot do anything without your help. Each small amount can make a big difference. Here you can check the cost of our actions and let’s decide, together, what can be done in this amazing country.

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