How to be a partner of our NGO?

You run a company and our actions are of interest for you? Become an active partner of ours!
Via this page, we offer to promote your involvement with the Cambodian people. Be it thanks to a physical help, financial help or via any other mean depending on your possibilities. We are all ears on any offer you may have for us. Options, just like our needs, are countless so don’t hesitate to get in touch and help us!!


Reach us at, info@camborea.com, and let’s check together how we can build a better world together!!


Our generous partners:


Kokopelli is a French association that distributes free and reproducible seeds issued from organic farming in order to preserve seed and vegetable biodiversity. They became our fabulous partners through their “Semences Sans Frontieres” campaign (Seeds without borders), and provided us with many seeds and tips for our community garden, to give back to our farmers the autonomy that they lost with the arrival of the multinationals of the agro-chemistry.

Their website you must visit : http://kokopelli-semences.fr/


edwards realty 2

Edwards Realty offers quality properties for sale or for rent in Belgium and abroad. A professional and approved contact manages each case, thanks to a personalized work methodology to optimize the results. Listen Confidence and Proximity, are the pillars of your future real estate experience, which will surely be serene and successful. In addition, for each sale of good, this charitable agency makes a donation to our small NGO!

Do not hesitate anymore and visit their site now : http://www.edwards-realty.eu/