How to help us?

We won’t lie, our main issue is money. Without it, we can’t do much, unfortunately. Our operating costs are reduced to the bare minimum and we carefully spend money for useful projects; but it does cost (a lot) of money to turn our ideas into reality.
We need your donations, even the modest ones! It is critical for us to go ahead and help the local communities to thrive!

There are other ways to help us and we are all ears on any idea you may want to share with us that could help Camborea, and therefore directly to the villagers we are trying to support, then email us …

Few ideas of your donation’s impact :

To make a secured online donation, by credit card or PayPal account, click on that bouton :

If you do not wish to make an online transaction, or simply to avoid the intermediate costs of the transfer so that all of your donation reaches us, please email CAMBOREA – FRANCE at to get our bank details. It is our branch outside Cambodia which allows us to centralize donations in order to minimize the costs of international transfers:

Thanks for them, from the bottom of our heart…